Ingrid: Singer/Songwriter




Since the age of 4, Ingrid has been involved with making music.  Her love for music and songwriting was cultured by her father, We would simply sing hymns or whistle new melodies while we did chores on Sunday afternoons.

Ingrid studied voice and piano at Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ and finished a B.S. in Church Music from Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA in 1996.  She lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband Max.  She teaches private piano, voice, music theory and songwriting students. 

 As founder and president of Jubal Productions, a small Christian record label, Ingrid's desire is to develop Christian artists for the work of ministry and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and the arts.  Jubal Productions released its first recording in the Piano Series by Austin Biel titled Piano to Pray With in February 2000 and has plans to record two more piano recordings in this series. Most recently, Ingrid has begun traveling and sharing songs that have been written from times with the Lord in prayer and worship.  She hopes that these songs will minister to Gods people at their point of need and would direct them to a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.